The Curriculum

There are no prescribed books. We teach them by playway methods, puzzles, blocks, clay modelling, colouring etc. Angels Feather Play School firmly believe that learning takes place through doing in an atmosphere of freedom.

Learning should be selected to practical aspects of life and not only to books.

  1. News Letter: 
    In the beginning of every month your child receives a newsletter for the month. This contains information of holidays, celebration of festivals and the colour days for the month. You will be informed of the new concepts that will be introduced and the poems and the story that will be taught during that month.

  2. Smart Classes: 
    A smart board and is installed in the activity room. Children attend smart classes which they enjoy and benefit from projectors are also set up in classes from time to time.

  3. Mock Interviews: 
    Mock Interview is held for children and their parents to help to interact with new people and to groom them for regular schools.

  4. Meals: 
    The school serves meals along with a seasonal fruit and every day. In case you send a water bottle or bag please tag the same with the name and class of the child.