Extra - Curricular Activities

Angels Feather Play School provides a wide range of extracurricular activities to broaden the children’s experiences and develop their interests and enjoyment. These are just a few: 
Splashing in the pool to beat the summer heat. 
• Audio-visuals aids, music and cartoon films to keep them entertained. 
Talent- time: children perform onstage, in front of an audience of 500 parents. This not only reveals their talent but also develops their self-confidence. 
Festival celebration: all important festivals are observed with traditional enthusiasm. 
Nature walk and gardening: participation in these brings children close to the natural environment. 
Pony rides are conducted during the winter season. 
Shopping: children learn the concept of using money, besides recognizing common seasonal fruits and vegetables. 
An Annual picnic is organized, usually to the zoo where children see wide variety of animals.

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