1. Fees are to be paid in 3 installments. The 1st installment includes April, May, June and July.

(a) The Admission Fee-is to be paid only once at the time of admission. This is non refundable. 

(b) Fees is charged for the academic year. (April- March) irrespective of the date of admission. The Admission fee includes: 

Stationery, Apparatus, Maintenance and Replacement of educational aid and equipment, term fees etc.

(c) Fees once submitted will not be refunded.

(d) The fee installment includes.

• Tution Fee.

• Activity Fee.

The fees are to be deposited by cheque or cash in the School Office by the 15th of April, August and November, failing which a late fee will be charged.
In case of withdrawals Parents/ Guardians are requested to give a notice/ information to the school authorities one month in advance.
The very condition of admission will be that the parents, Guardians will comply strictly with the rules and regulations contained in this prospectus and on payment of the fees and all other charges laid down. Any future changes in rules/fees structure will also be binding on them.