Rules & Regulations

1. Maximum co-operation from parents is essential for the overall development of the children. Parents/guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by seeing to it that their child regularly, comes to school on time, is punctual and takes an active interest in the activities of the school. 

2. Weekly work is given to the children every Friday. 

3. Parents are requested not to see the teachers during school hours without permission from the Principal. 

4. Should a parent have a legitimate complaint, it may be brought to the notice of the Principal for discussion. 

5. Parents/Guardians are requested not to provide their children with tiffin or other snacks so that they eat with other children, The wholesome meal is provided by the institution. 

6. If inspite of the help given, a child fails to show any progress, the same may be discussed with the Principal. 

7. We take utmost care and give individual attention to the children. Even after all that care and attention, sometimes accidents do occur. In such cases the management/school will not be responsible for any compensation whatsoever. 

8. The general assembly is the most important part of the school day. Every student should be present to begin the day with a prayer to God. 

9. The school does not accept responsibility for loss of money or valuables etc. It is not advisable to let your child wear Jewellery. 

10. Parents/ Guardians should cooperate with the management for the smooth running of the institution. 

11. Only the Principal and Management will decide on what conditions children should be admitted to this school. 

12. We only groom your child and build his/her self confidence. We are not responsible in any way for his/her admission to regular schools.