Security/Safety Measures

  1. The Boundary Wall: 
    The entire school compound has an 8 feet high boundary wall with 2 feet of overhang of barbed wire at vulnerable spots.

  2. The Gates: 
    The school has two gates and each gate is manned by security guards. Only one gate (the Main Gate) is used for children, their parents and visitors to enter and exit the school. The rear gate is used only in an emergency or for the entry and exit of the staff only.

  3. Entry System: 
    Visitor Slip: All visitors have to register at the front office before getting access to the school. 
    ID Cards: All Children are issued 2 sets of ID cards. One ID card is worn by the student and the other set is for the parents/ guardians/ drivers, who come to pick the child.


  1. CC-TV Cameras 
    There are 23 CC-TV cameras-covering the entire school premises, specially focussing on inside and outside gates, toilets, isolated spots and other vulnerable areas.

  2. Kitchen Area 
    Children are given refreshments cooked in the kitchen. This area is kept away from class rooms due to fire risks. Quality of food is monitored regularly. All the water points are connected with an aquaguard / R.O. system.

  3. Fire Safety 
    The L.P.G. cylinders are kept in open (outside the kitchen) and the supply is through pipe line to the kitchen. The school has regular drills to ensure movement of children in case of an emergency. Fire extinguishers are placed at various points and we have trained staff to operate it. Fire extinguishers are periodically tested and updated by refilling. A manned fire point has been installed with 6 extinguishers and 4 buckets in a central place, which covers entire area. Telephones numbers of Fire Station Control Room are displayed at various places.

  4. Swimming Pond (Splash Pool) 
    The splash pool is filled with water only when it is in use. The water is drained out immediately after its use. It is used strictly under the supervision of teachers, swimming in charge and helping staff.

  5. Transportation 
    The school does not have any transportation system of its own. Parents are supposed to drop their children to school and pick them up after school. If any private van is hired by parents, they are supposed to check the credentials of the driver before hiring them.

  6. First- Aid 

    First Aid boxes are kept at various places like Principal’s office, Administrative office, and reception office. In case of any emergency, children are given first aid and their parents are informed. A vehicle for transportation is avaliable in case of emergencies.

  7. Cleanliness and Hygiene: 

    (a) Regular spraying of insecticides is done every Saturday in the school premises.
    (b) Mosquito repellents are used in all class rooms.


The school is divided in two parts:

  1. The Academic Block: All the classes are located in this area. The teaching staff consists solely of female teachers. A lady guard is detailed to stop any visitor/ outsiders from entering this area.

  2. The Admin Block which consists of: 
    1. Reception Office
    2. Establishment Office
    3. Activity Hall 
    4. Parent’s Waiting Shed
    5. Visitors Restrooms
    6. Lawns

All the male staff like office staff, gardener and security guards are placed in in the admin block.