Who We Are

“It is not who you attend school with but who controls the school you attend that matters…”


Our Mission is to provide students with the necessary skills of both mind and heart that will enable them them to approach life with a sense of inquiry and purpose. We believe that the environment, which encourages the fullest development of student's potential, is one that affords the opportunity to explore creative as well as intellectual abilities. We believe in working together in a spirit of co-operation, not contormity, seeking to cultivate and express what is excellent in each.

Intellectual curiosity and a spirit of inquiry are the activating factors in the educational process, while active participation in school community builds caring and responsible individuals, promoting lives of integrity, awarencess and purpose. Life can be lived in its fullest sense through life long efforts towards personal development and growth.

At A.F.P.S. to fulfil our mission we:

  • Prepare students for higher studies and life long learning
  • Promote compassion, understanding, respect and responsibility towards others.
  • Present challenges and support each students to conquer these challenges.
  • Appreciate the beauty of diversity and wonders of life.
  • Foster a sense of appreciation for the world views, arts and histry of diverse cultures.
  • Teach skills of self learning, sound thinking, effective reading, clear writing and objective inquery.
  • Promote altruism, ethical reflection, independent thought and creative expression.
  • Develop a hurmony of mind, body and spirit.
  • Foster an appreciation of the interdependence of all species and a spirit of responsibility and reciprocity towords our earth community.