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 Dear Parents,
           Parent Teacher Meeting has been postponed from 20th July to 26th July (Friday). Regards, Principal. Angels Feather Play School.

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.

About Angels Feather public School

Our Mission is to provide students with the necessary skills of both mind and heart that will enable them them to approach life with a sense of inquiry and purpose. We believe that the environment, which encourages the fullest development of student's potential, is one that affords the opportunity to explore creative as well as intellectual abilities. We believe in working together in a spirit of co-operation, not contormity, seeking to cultivate and express what is excellent in each.



Education service

A stimulating play environment for the intellectual language social emotional and physical development

Love and care

We believe in dealing with little ones with love and understanding. All your child needs in patience and time, love, care and continual reassurance.

Child care

Your child is cared for listened to presented with an environment of warmth and love.

Toys and Games

There is a large playing field. we have tricycles, swings and slides available on the playground to enjoy play time outdoors.